The Editor

Hi, I’m Steph and I’m the 2017/18 History Student Times Editor.

I’ve just finished my first year at the University of Leeds studying joint honours English and history. My main areas of interest are in medieval history, but I have a significant interest in the Wars of the Roses, Richard III and the Tudors. I also have a particular fascination with Germany and Nazism during WW2.


I’m hoping to continue Liz’s great work in modernising HST and I’m sure that a large part of that will be through this blog and social media. Any students currently abroad or on industrial placements who would like to share their experience and use this blog as a platform are welcome to do so – hopefully this will increase awareness of all of the opportunities that are available for students.

I hope everyone enjoys the blog and takes the time to browse and explore everything it has to offer. Look out for any updates in the coming weeks.

If anyone has any questions, needs more information or just wants to chat and share some ideas, you can contact me at or

See you in September!



Previous Editors:

Hi! I’m Liz and the new 2016/17 History Student Times Editor.

I have just returlizned from my year abroad studying at the University of Copenhagen and am a final year single honours history student. My main areas of interest are imperial and post-colonial history, but I am looking forward to learning about a variety of different eras and themes over this coming year as the HST editor.

As well as the physical editions of the HST magazine, I’m hoping this blog will provide the opportunity for students and others to learn more about their degree and engage with each other. In particular I would love to hear more from students currently on their years abroad or industrial placements who can use this blog as a platform for sharing their experiences and adventures with an ever-increasing readership!

Please take your time to explore the blog and look out for updates in the coming weeks.

If you’ve got any questions or would like some more info, please do not hesitate to get in touch at or


2015/16 Editor

Hello, I’m Katie! I’m the editor of the History Student Times for 2015/2016.

I am a third year International History and Politics student with a keen interest in Modern Asian history. I am currently studying the special subject of the Korean War and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and beginning my dissertation within this area of research.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be the editor of a magazine which has made a great impact within the School of History thanks to the previous editors. My main goal is to bring the History Student Times up to date by introducing topical themes to engage a wider audience. I am looking forward to the publication of the first issue of this year which maintains a focus on the issue of persecution. I also aim to engage more people with this blog through promoting it as both an academic resource and a writing platform for study abroad and year in industry students. Hopefully this link will provide their fellow students with useful insights into their experiences and knowledge.

You can contact me at or if you have any questions to ask or ideas you would like to share.

I hope you enjoy what the History Student Times has to offer this year!


CathSoc picture

2014/15 Editor

Hello! I’m Frankie, the editor of the History Student Times for 2014/15.

I am a third year History student at the University of Leeds. I have an interest in early modern and modern history, with a more specific focus on warfare. I am currently working through my undergraduate dissertation, fo
cussing on the special subject ‘From Byron to Bin Laden: Transnational War Volunteers’.

Having the chance to be the editor for this year is a great privilege. As the editor, I aim to continue the great work that has been put in throughout the years. I hope to create a better online presence for the magazine, engaging more with social media. I also want to maintain and improve this blog, and aim to get more regular writers included in the blog. I thought it would also be a great achievement if we could get outside contacts writing for the blog, and aim to get other subjects and pupils involved that have a keen interest in history.

If you have any questions or ideas, would like to get in touch or would like to write regularly for the HST blog, you can get in contact with me at

2013/14 Editor

Hello, I’m Rachael – this year’s editor of the History Student Times.DSC00396

Originally from Blackpool, I’m currently studying for my degree in History at the University of Leeds. I have a keen interest in medieval social history, and am presently working through the final year of my course and the construction of my undergraduate dissertation.

As editor, it has been my ambition to broaden the focus of the magazine in order to attract a wider range of historical disciplines and tastes, encouraging articles that stretch back to the middle ages as well as pieces concerning more recent history. I have also aimed to give the magazine a greater online presence, extending our reach through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, you can get in contact with me at

I hope you enjoy the blog.



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