Primary Sauce: So what does the committee do?

HistSoc elections are coming up soon, so here’s an explanation of what each person does on committee to help you decide if you want to run! HistSoc is an amazing society and being on its committee is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. Pop along to the prospective committee meeting this Wednesday (15th) in Baines Wing SR 3.06 at 5:15pm if you’re at all interested.


Elli – President:

‘As President of History Society, you’re responsible for the overall running of the society and the delegation of tasks to your committee of ten. You liaise particularly closely with the Secretary and Treasurer (your Exec committee) on key admin matters and budgeting- and generally any other matters that arise (trust me, unexpected issues occur weekly!).

You write the agenda and run the committee meetings every week, and you represent the society in meetings and presentations to students, academic staff and LUU. It’s incredibly fun yet sometimes time-consuming- but 100% worth every second. If you’re thinking of running, I couldn’t recommend it more!’

Charlotte – General Secretary:

‘Being the ‘General’ Secretary sounds broad and ambiguous, meaning people often ask what I do for the History Society. As the General Secretary you are essentially the President’s right-hand man – the Biden to Obama. The job predominantly includes admin work such as taking minutes at meetings, risk assessments, completing all LUU forms, running the society email account and organising the HistSoc elections. The nature of these tasks means you become involved in everything we organise, giving a great sense of achievement and contribution.

As General Secretary you also become part of the Exec, meaning you are Cash Office trained and can make decisions with the President and Treasurer on various important issues, including the constitution.’

I have absolutely loved being General Secretary and would recommend it to anyone who wants to add something impressive to their CV and/or fancies being involved with something as fun as HistSoc! ‘

Ollie – Treasurer:

‘Being treasurer has been super fun. It’s been really great way to see how one of the university’s largest (and best) societies runs. In this role you’re in charge of the money, and therefore the society. You have to make the budget and keep checking it in line with the accounts to make sure HistSoc can continue being one of the best societies. Alongside this, you’re a member of the EXEC and get to make changes to the constitution and implement societal change. It’s a super serious role for the society but a lot of fun to do! If you want something impressive to add to your CV and to make some new friends then run for treasurer!’

Beth – Sponsorship Secretary:

‘When applying for the role of Sponsorship Secretary, it can be confusing to understand exactly what the role entails. However your job is basically to secure sponsors for the society over the summer holidays and then manage the society’s relationship with the sponsors throughout the academic year. I would say the most difficult part is getting the sponsors over summer as you have to contact a vast array of companies, some of which never bother to reply – however it is a very rewarding feeling when you have the society’s sponsors confirmed by the end of September.

Throughout the academic year the sponsors will want to arrange a number of events, which you will have to arrange, promote and attend, but if you make sure you spread all the events out then the work load is very manageable. Also, it is your responsibility to co-ordinate with the Academic Secretary to organise the Careers Networking Dinner, which is an extremely rewarding experience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the History Society and aside from the role looking great on your CV I have had a great time being a member of the society and would recommend the opportunity to anyone who is interested.’

Madi – Media & Communications Secretary:

‘I am the media and communications sec on committee, which means I am responsible for running all of the social media pages and the lovely emails you receive and (hopefully) read every week. I run a Facebook account, Facebook Like Page, Facebook group, instagram, twitter, YouTube, and this year I launched the HistSoc Snapchat.

The position has really turned me into a social media guru and has really upped my insta game. I love the role and would really recommend it for anyone interested in being on committee next year!’

Chloe – Academic Secretary:

‘The main part of this role is being the link between the School of History and HistSoc. I sit in on Student Staff meetings to make sure our members voices are being heard and work with course reps and History Interns throughout the year. I organise academic and career events, the biggest being the Careers Networking Dinner. This is a super rewarding experience, where I gained so many skills to put on my CV and had fun sorting it all out with the Sponsorship Sec then enjoying a lovely dinner with wine! The academic sec is also responsible for creating a newsletter, which this year I decided to move to History Student Times thanks to the lovely intern Liz Egan.

This is such a diverse role, with a lot of room to bring in new ideas and i’ve loved doing it. It’s great when you get to make friends with the rest of committee and enjoy all of the HistSoc socials with them. As with all the roles, it’s great experience for your CV and one of the most rewarding things a History student can do!’

Social Secretary (Trip):

‘The main roles of the trip social secretary are pretty obvious: arrange socials throughout term as well as arranging the trip! Arranging socials involves contacting club reps, collecting ticket books, selling tickets in terrace and then getting nice and drunk and making sure everyone is having fun and that everything is going according to plan on the night! It’s all pretty straightforward and it’s been so great to develop my confidence in contacting and meeting important people in the world of socials as well as meeting more of the HistSoc members.

The best part has definitely been getting black cards for myself and the rest of the committee which gets you free entry to all nights out in Leeds and I’m embarrassed to admit how much money it’s saved me this year. Arranging the trip has been somewhat stressful but I am SO excited to actually go on it in a few months’ time. I’d say overall the best thing about being a social sec (prepare for the mush) is becoming besties with my partner in crime/ball social sec and gaining another great group of friends in the committee.

The social sec role is definitely the most fun if you ask me (not a biased opinion at all) so although it’s been quite a bit of work it’s been so worth it as I’ve learned how to manage my time better alongside all the partying and free drinks. The fact that it looks great on your CV is the cherry on top of the cake as it means you literally get professional credit for being an alcoholic.’

Social Secretary (Ball):

‘Within the history committee there are two social secretary’s, together you become partners in crime and tackle all the fun events that go on within the society. Me and Hannah have been working hard together this year to try and mix up the usual social calendar by bringing new things to the table, hence the very exciting and top secret social which is occurring on the 11th Feb!!

The Social Sec’s are then divided between two roles: The Ball secretary and the Trip Secretary. As the Ball Secretary I had to ensure that HistSoc held the best and most extravagant Christmas ball, ever! From table layouts, decor, venues and menus… all things had to be considered as I embarked upon the planning of what felt like my wedding day. Our Great Gatsby’s Winter Wonderland HistSoc Ball of 2016 was a huuuuge success and there was no better way to end first semester than being surrounded by hundreds of drunken happy historians singing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ xo’


Sports Secretary (Netball):

‘Hi, I’m Ellie and I am one of the Sports Secretaries for the History Society.  My main role involves running every aspect of the netball team, from training sessions to matches.  Initially when starting the role I had to make sure the team was registered for both the Tuesday and Friday leagues.  I also had to promote the team in Fresher’s week to make sure enough people turned up for trials.  After holding trials I was able to pick 24 girls who made it onto the squad for the rest of the year.  On a weekly basis, I have to make sure I have booked a court two weeks in advance for training. I also have to make sure I have enough girls to play in the two matches every week. I usually do this by creating availability polls on Facebook.

My favourite part of the role is planning the socials for the netball team and the joint socials we have with the football team.  I also enjoy being part of a team, which encompasses all three-year groups.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and playing with all the girls this year, it has been amazing to watch the team progress as friends and as teammates.’

Sports Secretary (Football):

‘Hello, I’m Charlie and I’m the Sports Secretary for football on the History committee. The main aspect of the role is to organise the football team’s fixtures throughout the season. This means registering the team for the inter-mural league at the start of each semester, and making sure that we can field a full team each week. In September, trials were held in Hyde Park to see who would make the team. This involved setting up some small-sided games and then choosing 25 players for a final squad.

Also at the start of the year I had to make sure we had the adequate equipment, such as kit, balls and bibs. It’s also my job to book a pitch at Weetwood each week for a training session. Furthermore, sports socials are primarily the responsibility of the sports secretaries to organise. There are both football socials and combined ones with the netball team. Outside of sport, the role involves supporting history society events by doing any necessary jobs.

The thing I have most enjoyed about the role is that it is a great way to meet new people, both through football and the wider society. It has also been fun to manage the team both on and off the pitch, especially because as the year’s gone on we have improved as a team and grown closer as friends.’



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