Housing and Accommodation Advice

Already thinking about where to live in your 2nd year?

Firstly, make sure you don’t rush! Every year private landlords will aim to get students signed-up to property as quickly as possible. They will manage to get some students signed up as early as November and December whereby a panic ensues across accommodation halls as other residents speculate that housing will run out. Signing onto a house so early poses two main risks:

  • You end up with housemates you might not get on with so well since you’ve not known them for very long
  • You will pay more for your housing as the landlords are able to charge more earlier on.


What to do instead?

Use Unipol. They have an office opposite Dry Dock on Woodhouse Lane and another within the union. They’re a charity designed to provide the best possible advice to students on housing, and regulate the quality of landlords. I recommend that every 1st year reading this post visits Unipol in one of their offices for advice. Yes, I’m basically passing the buck here!

However, there’s also a lucrative alternative I would advocate to paying for 2nd year accommodation: become a sub warden. Your sub warden may not have told you that whilst they’re a nice person who wants to help you make the most of your time in your halls, they get their accommodation for free as part of their job. As a sub warden of Sentinel Towers, there are added responsibilities and time commitments, but I’ve certainly not regretted my decision so far! On the assumption that I will have less holiday time when I graduate than I when I do as a student, I’ve decided to keep my maintenance loan for this year as a budget for doing some Gap Yah-like travelling in the summer.

So don’t rush and don’t panic! Take your time to weigh up the various options and figure out what will suit you best!

Angus Ross

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