Meet your School of History Interns

The School of History runs its own internships providing history students the opportunity to develop their employability and participate in the running of the department. The internships cover a range of roles, from careers interns responsible for gathering and disseminating information, to assisting undergraduate recruitment and induction. They’re a friendly bunch and always eager to help, so keep reading to learn more about their roles and how to get in touch!


harrietI am Harriet the Alumni & Employability Intern for 2016/17. I will be running the History Alumni LinkedIn page over the year, keeping in contact with ex-students and trying to sustain and grow their links with Leeds. This will be beneficial both for the School of History and for current students who can get involved in the School’s growing network. I’m also linked with the careers centre and the other careers interns in both History and various other departments. If you’re unsure about what you want to do, or you would like some general careers and employability advice, then please do email me as it’s a great place to start.





I am the Peer Mentor and Induction Intern this year. This means that I am responsible for organising the peer mentoring sessions throughout the year. These sessions, of which there are six in total, are a great way to get academic advice on a range of topics from peers that have recently done the same as you. They are informal and always involve cake, making them a great platform to raise any concerns you may be having about transitioning into university. I think this programme is a really valuable asset to the School so it would be great to get as many people involved. Becoming a peer mentor in your subsequent years is also a great addition to the CV, so turning up to these sessions can often benefit in long term too! Join our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events and news about the School of History!






robHi I’m Rob, your new undergraduate recruitment intern. My role is almost exclusively focused on prospective students and trying to make them realise what an amazing experience they could have studying History at Leeds. If anybody has any suggestions how this may be facilitated I’m all ears. I’m a BA History student and just came back from studying abroad in France for a year, which I couldn’t recommend enough. I love sport, but sadly don’t have the time to play for any proper teams this year. Come winter time if you see a man wearing a long black coat and a yellow carpet scarf looking incredibly French, then it’s probably me, come say bonjour. You can get in touch at with any questions!






Hello all, my name is Rachael Coates I am a final year International History and Politics Student. I recently completed a 13-month placement at the software company SAP; I hope to use my experience to assist history students in finding non-traditional arts career routes. I will be the Business and Enterprise Career Intern for the 2016/17 academic year.I will provide you with all the up to date information regarding employability, placements and internships for all student levels. This will include, events hosted by the school of history and any related events/information from the Careers Centre.

Please feel free to contact me via with any questions or suggestions about what you would like to see this year.





Hi, I’m Aurelius and I’m aureliusthis year’s History-Related Careers Intern. I’m a third year straight history student from London and I also run the new arts/humanities magazine Vera. I have some experience working in history, having done a year long research placement module and having worked independently as a research assistant on a number of articles. I’ve also applied for several masters and am well versed in the process. Throughout the y
ear I’ll be organising and promoting events so you can learn more about working in the heritage sector or doing further study. If you want to learn more about these careers options, or need help with applications then keep an eye on the History-Related Careers Facebook page or get in touch.




joeyHi I am Joey the Media and Journalism Employability intern and I study single honours History with a particular focus on Tudor music. My role is to scope out all things that are media and journalism related and pass them on to the students of history at the University of Leeds. This could range from BBC internships to career events and open days. The best way to get this information across is the Facebook page and through emails sent to history students. Join the Facebook page, it is Media and Journalism with Leeds University History: 16/17





angusHi I’m Angus! For this academic year, I’m the Politics and Government Careers Intern. My specific scope is on careers in the public sector with a governmental focus. Effectively however, I will happily provide employability advice to you on anything from building up your CV, getting a summer placement/ year in industry to getting signed up to a graduate programme. I really have been through the toil before, and will even share my CV with you to talk you through how I went about increasing my employability during my time at Leeds University. I’m now set to join TeachFirst to teach History next year with a view to working in management consultancy after the two-year programme.

For updates throughout the year, feel free to join the Facebook group




Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Rogers and I am the andrewnew Law Employability Intern for this current academic year! My role primarily consists of promoting information and providing advice that will hopefully strengthen your position pursing a graduate career in a legal profession! This includes events held at the university related to law and general information relating to applications, skills and further education. For further information and future updates, please follow the ‘Leeds School of History Careers Group for Law’ on Facebook or email me at if you have any questions.





annaHi there! I’m Anna Doherty and I am your Marketing and Publicity Intern for 2016/17. My role involves working to help promote the school of History to the wider public and help attract students to the school and University. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements in how we can showcase the school please don’t hesitate to get in touch






DSCF5712.JPGHi I’m Liz, the History Student Times Editor for 2016/17. I’m responsible for running History Student Times, providing history students the opportunity to practice their writing outside their academic course. We have three termly editions as well as the HST blog – so there are plenty of opportunities to contribute! It’s a really exciting way of exploring themes and topics which have grabbed and engaged your interest while also gaining some experience in journalism. To get in touch just send me an email at and follow our Facebook page for updates!


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