Primary Sauce: Meet the Committee

Welcome to the first 2016/2017 Primary Sauce post from your Academic Sec, Chloe. To start off let’s get to know the HistSoc committee. There are 10 of us, elected last year by our members. We now work all year round alongside our studies and work placements providing you guys with the best socials, trips, networking events, sports teams and more to make your time at Leeds even better.

thumbnail_elliPresident, Elli PughThe most productive person you’ll ever meet, but at the thought of veggie burgers her dignity and grace may begin to fade…    

Hello! I’m Elli, your President for the 2016-17 academic year. Moving up from my beloved old role as HistSoc’s Sponsorship Sec last year, my job now is to represent the society in matters with the School and LUU and oversee the rest of the committee in their organisation of the events we run for you. I’m technically a third year single-honours History student but I’m currently three months into my placement year in Leeds, working as a PR intern for a children’s cancer charity near campus. Since starting uni, I have played for the HistSoc netball team and spent a fair bit of time working at The Gryphon, this year as their Head of Marketing. Outside of uni, my life revolves largely around finding my next Greek-food-fix and trying not to get ran over by moving cars.


Elli with former prez and BNOC Jack Palmer

thumbnail_charlotteGeneral Sec, Charlotte AllenNobody goes harder on a night out than this classic Sheff gal, but she will always magically get to the library before you do the next day

Hey I’m Charlotte, your general sec. I’m primarily interested in modern history. My special subject is the Third Reich specialising on relations with Britain and I’m also a Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassador. I’ve watched all the episodes of Gossip Girl three times and my life goal is to be Blair Waldorf. You’ll usually find me in Terrace eating my body weight in nachos, Mischief at the Warehouse on Wednesdays or surrounded by books in Edward Boyle. (RIP level flirteen)


Char fulfilling her dream, getting her Blair on in NYC (we all know she’s a Queen Bee in Leeds too)


Treasurer, Ollie Martin With all the sass and cash that HistSoc could ever want

Hi, I’m Ollie. My main historical interests lie in Early Modern Europe; I’m probably going to become a Henry VIII tribute act when I graduate. I’m HistSoc’s money man this year so if you want bigger bar tabs then you know whose good side to get on (I accept bribes in the form of chocolate and red wine.) If you can’t find me with my head in a book on Level 3 of Michael Sadler then I’m most likely at Fruity falling down stylus’ stairs with 4 VKs in hand.


Looks like Ollie was making full use of the bar tab at our latest Otley Run

thumbnail_bethSponsorship Sec, Beth KellyThe biggest smile on committee (but probably only to cover her secret agent status…)                                  

Hi I’m Beth! As sponsorship secretary I keep in contact with sponsors, bringing in funding and organising careers events with them. I am interested in modern history. My special subject is Secret Service: The World of British Intelligence, and my dissertation will focus on British Secret Service Intelligence during the Second World War. MI5 will probably hire me when I’m done (00 Kelly). My favourite night out in Leeds is Mission – cutting shapes to Beyoncé in the R & B room and taking beautiful snapchats. You’ll either see me in the library or Bakery 164 for a chicken and sweet potato sandwich. I’m Mancunian and proud.


Beth undercover on an international mission

thumbnail_madiMedia Sec, Madi Parkeraka Madi Parkour with the mad netball skill, known for her strong opinions (especially against unnecessary headbands)  

Hey I’m Madi. I deal with media and communications, so all of our social media, weekly emails etc. I’m in my second year studying IHP and I’m most interested in anti-colonial history. My family is Canadian but I was born and raised in London. I like playing netball, drinking wine, and watching Gilmore Girls. Also I have a dog called Ketchup X


Madi and Ketchup

thumbnail_chloeAcademic Sec, Chloe Sparks 

Hi I’m Chloe, your Academic Sec! I deal with all things Academic-y like Careers Networking Dinner, representing HistSoc and its members in Staff Student meetings and writing Primary Sauce. I’m in my third year studying single honours History, I’m doing the MLK and Civil Rights Movement special subject and I love social, cultural and political history. I’m from Maidstone in Kent but my friends tell me that when I’ve had too many drinks I start to sound like I’m from Yorkshire… I love any night that involves either Beyoncé or garage throwbacks (especially Craig David), but you can occasionally find me letting my inner emo out at Key Club. I love naps, although they’re more like 4 hours of sleep and I can take them anywhere! Also, I would say look out for me when I’m working in Old Bar but I’m probably too short for you to see me behind the bar.


That’s me on the right, napping in the middle of Amsterdam

thumbnail_joannaSocial Sec (Ball), Joanna AllcockShe has the world record in how many nights you can lose your purse and STILL get it back the next day! Top social sec skill 

Heyyyy, I’m Joanna your very own friendly Mancunian social sec who’s always up for a laugh. My main job is organising the Christmas Ball, but I also sort out all of HistSoc’s other great socials with Hannah. I’m currently in my Second year at Leeds studying straight History and whilst I’m loving my time at Leeds, I must confess that I have never been to the infamous Old Bar, I still get lost at the thought of Roger Stevens and the one you’re all going to hate me for, I really dislike Fruity Fridays. Any other night out just give me a shout and I’m there. As far as my hobbies go I love to act like I’m Dora Explorer, always getting excited at the thought of ‘adventures’ which usually ends up with me being lost but after (successfully) travelling Europe this summer I’m set to spend my next year at Uni doing a year abroad. Other hobbies include: Fancy dress Otley runs, drinking coffee, watching Game of Thrones and online shopping. That’s all from me.


Jo’s not lying about loving adventures! The social secs get international by wrapping themselves up in flag bunting

thumbnail_hannahSocial Sec (Trip), Hannah Bullock –  She is currently working on an Outkast tribute performance with Madi and Jo, keep your eyes peeled at our socials for this class act 

Helloooo I’m Hannah and I’m a second year single honours history student from Nottingham. I’m a social sec with Jo and I’m in charge of organising our trip abroad! I’m a massive history nerd and I love studying race, colonialism and the Tudors (I seriously could have been Henry VIII’s seventh wife). My hobbies include: Milanos pizza, dying in greasy pig and single-handedly supporting the cheap wine companies of Sainsburys local – as you can tell health is very important to me. On a more serious note I love to travel and although I didn’t do a gap yah I’ve interrailed through Europe, backpacked up the east coast of Australia, travelled to parts of South East Asia and I hope to do my year abroad in New Zealand (fingers crossed). I absolutely love Leeds and I’d probably be most sad to leave sticky feet fridays behind 💔 I’ll leave you with a fun fact/my greatest achievement: I chundered an average of 1.3 times a week last year 🙂 Love from your (favourite) social sec xo


Most HistSoc members aren’t aware that the social secs offer free cloakroom services at our socials

Sthumbnail_ellieports Sec (Netball), Ellie RadcliffeOur netball queen might be a bigger fan of history and takeaway than exercise, but her netball gals still rock every game!

Hi, I’m Ellie and I am the Female Sports Secretary for the History Society. I have been part of the netball team for the last 2 years, and now have finally progressed to running the team, organising matches and trying to balance third year reading along with having a slight social life. I dislike most exercise, so consequently like to make training less about fitness and more about planning our next social. I am currently a third year History Student, who cannot decide what they want for dinner, let alone what they want to do after they graduate. Outside of Uni, my life often consists of watching ‘Come Dine With Me’ with my housemates, whilst we order various different types of takeaway. Me and my housemates love for takeaway once ended up in us doing a ‘Takeaways of Leeds’ themed Otley Run and making it into The Tab. Which basically makes me famous.


Ellie rocking it as ‘Royal Fish Bar’ on a takeaway themed Otley Run 

thumbnail_charlieSports Sec (Football), Charlie NeillThe worlds biggest fan of high-vis jackets 

Hello, I’m Charlie and I’m the Sports Secretary. My job is to organise the football team’s fixtures and socials, as well as to help out and get involved in the other events that HistSoc put on throughout the year. I’m a second year IHP student, and I particularly like the history of Germany. I also like going to the pub. I’m a full-time Alex Iwobi fan, but also have a soft spot for Arsenal. Being up north means I can now watch us underperform at some different away grounds, which is nice. My favourite nights in Leeds involve either the Otley Run or Bongo’s Bingo, despite both having a tendency to end in disgrace.


Please spare a moment for Charlie’s near death experience with a wasp, seconds after this action shot


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